Thursday, August 18, 2011

On the way to school today...

my van had just curved by Asian Heart Hospital, when an unusual motorcycle sight struck several of my colleagues' eyes.  No, not the two men on the motorbike, I mean two's a small number.  Seeing families of four on one bike is actually more common.  It was the fact that the rider in the back was shirtless.  But even that's not that unusual.

There were a few chuckles and comments about his shorts, which looked like boxers.

Then as our van approached the riders, the shirtless rider turned around.  He was holding his shirt in his hands.  He noticed that we were laughing a bit and that also we were a whole van of foreigners.  So, can you guess what he did next?

He smiled and showed us why he was topless.  He opened his shirt to reveal that he was using his shirt actually more like a bag.  Can you guess what was inside?  A fish!  A large light orange colored fish!  We all caught a quick glimpse and our van overtook them.  

I turned back and noticed that the motorbike was speeding up to catch us.  They pulled up alongside the van and held his fish up high for all of us to see.  We all applauded and shared big smiles with the proud fisherman.  He laughed and smiled back.

I may not win license plate tag on my morning commute but I definitely could win a fun game of I Spy!

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