Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Miss Looney Who?

Tomorrow the new students arrive.   They will visit school for a new student orientation from 8-11 a.m..  During that time parents will go through orientation activities as well.  Their morning includes tours, meeting principals, technology classes and a business fair.

The new students will all work with their classroom and advisory teachers completing welcome activities and tours of the school to better get to know each other and their teachers before the first day.

All ASB students will return on Thursday morning.

Today I asked Carol, an ASB veteran, what teachers "go by" at ASB.  First names?  Last names?

She told me last names.

When I moved to Brazil, it was strange for me to go by Miss Megan.  Now it feels weird to be going back to Miss Looney.  Not bad, just different.  But things are different like my job and my home.  

Any bets on how long it takes till I hear the first joke or comment?  I'm guessing I'll have one by 11 a.m.

Sorry, Kathy Schelereth, still no luck on finding any dates with the last name Toon or Bin.

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