Sunday, August 28, 2011

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

The past two days in Mumbai, it's rained all day and all night.  The breaks have been slim.

This weekend, I finally have learned what monsoon season really is.
Sorry about flipping the camera sideways in this video.  I was more worried about my camera getting wet than thinking about my shooting.

It's about walking an extra block and a half to find a way to get on the sidewalk without wading through ankle deep water because you're being a good girl and still wearing your ankle brace with sneakers.  Sneakers + rain = gross, soggy mess.

It's about sharing umbrellas with friends.

It's about learning the ins and outs of rainy rickshaw etiquette and rain doors (or flaps).

It's about puddles.

It's about drips.
It's about daily life's nuances being altered and about washing your feet when you get home after wearing sandals for the first time in 2 months because it's better to be safe than sorry.
Last night the masseuse who came to my house told me Ganesha's making it rain and that it won't stop until we begin to celebrate his birthday.  That's not until Thursday!  I hope she's wrong and that Ganesha brings us a little relief before that.


  1. Holy rain! That is crazy! I love hearing your voice on the videos!


  2. Thanks Fran! Rained all day yesterday too. I think my new strategy here is staying drier no way I'm ever gonna be dry!

  3. Learning the ins and outs of rainy rickshaw etiquette and rain doors (or flaps).travel umbrella