Monday, August 15, 2011


Today was India's Independence Day.

My day started with sitting on my couch by the window listening to the Indian national anthem.  When I looked out the window to see where the song was coming from, two green parakeets flew into a nearby tree.

We didn't have school today but I learned a bit about India's independence by walking around as a tourist who owns furniture.

Andrea and met on my street.  On St. Theresa Road we also met...
this  lovely cow who has complete freedom of the streets.

Then we took a great taxi ride down to Colaba.  The reason for our destination was food based.
We wanted the freedom to have something that we knew.  We wanted an American breakfast.  Indigo Deli provided that.

Next we walked the half block to the Gateway of India where we
didn't have a lot of freedom from photos.  We were celebrities.  Families, friends and photo touts all wanted their pictures with us.
Not sure why because we definitely weren't free of sweat.
We were surrounded by families and school groups and friends all in this common space to see one of India's most well known symbols.  Many people wore tiny paper flags pinned on their shirts.

After we'd had enough of posing with boys and babies, we decided to cool off in the Taj Mahal Hotel.
The Taj gave us the simple freedoms.  We used a beautiful bathroom, explored amazing hallways and stairwells, enjoyed the rosewater fragrance that floated through every corridor and most importantly we cooled off.

For me today was freedom from the routine.  It gave me the freedom to be a tourist and a celebrity and to spend time with a good friend.  Yeah, that's a little cheesy but it was a good day.

 Happy Independence Day India!  Thanks for sharing your independence with me.

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