Monday, April 4, 2011

Cricket Anyone?

Yesterday India beat Sri Lanka to become the World Cup 2011 Champions.  The last time they had won the World Cup was 28 years ago.  Congrats India!

I know nothing about this sport.  I know they have a ball and it's nothing like baseball and there's something called a wicket but that's all I know.

ASB ended classes early on Thursday so everyone could watch India play Pakistan.  I mean that game had a lot of meaning with the conflict between the two countries but that's like Brazil last year for the World Cup in soccer.  Everything shuts down.  At least with soccer, I could easily catch up on things but cricket's a whole different story.  Cricket is to India what soccer is to Brazil.

I googled an ESPN article and thought I'd be able to read it and then pass along highlights but I don't understand anything.   I guess I'm gonna need to buy a Cricket for Dummies book this summer so at least I can understand a little more.  Today I found this Dummies Cheatsheet but even the first diagram is confusing. 

Deep Fine Leg?  Are they talking about one of the players'  legs?  That can't be a position can it?  Short square leg?  I don't think that any athelete would want that. 

Bowler I'm thinking is probably the person who throws the ball.  It makes sense just because in bowling that's what you do is roll/throw the ball.

Some of these sound like they're describing furniture...deep square leg, forward short leg, extra cover...I know they don't sit in chairs when they play so what is with all of these names?

Guess I've got another thing to learn when I move or I can continue to study the Cheat Sheet which begins with the ominous statement, "Cricket is basically a simple sport."  Yeah, right!