Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My First Suspension

Yesterday when I came home early from school, my Internet wasn't working. When Andrea and I were at her apartment, we learned that a couple of other teachers didn't have it either so I figured, it was weather related.  My schema is that sometimes when it floods, cable goes out.  It happens to my parents often enough and we had a lot more rain here.  Sidebar:   Landon, my understanding is Mumbai is over 700 mm above average and the suburbs, where I live, it's 945 mm above average for monsoon season.  For those of you who aren't wizards at English to metric conversion, 945 mm is about 37 inches.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh. (Please insert that awful buzzer sound when someone makes an error on a tv game show - not that I know anything about that...)

When I got home from shopping, my guard gave me a teeny tiny note.  The note was about 1 inch high and about 3 inches long.  It had been folded in half.

Opening the slip of paper revealed three things:
  1. a cell phone number (they start with 9),
  2. the word "suspended" 
  3. the word "internet"
I used my Scooby Doo detective skills to infer that this note, not the monsoon, had something to do with my Internet being down.  

The number I dialed reached a man who tried three times to explain what happened.  I finally understood that he would be coming to my apartment.   Sidebar:  Understanding over the phone isn't easy on both ends even though both people may be speaking English.  When I order food, like I did tonight, just saying my phone number takes several tries and I'm from the Midwest!  It's something at least now I'm used to and will have to write another post about sometime soon.

A guy wearing the standard striped button down and black sandals appeared at my door about 10 minutes later.  He told me that I'd already used my 3gb for the month.  I thought, okay, well here's decision time, do I just deal with no internet for 2 days or do I pay an advance?

He quickly explained, that my thinking was incorrect.  The 3 gb was for 6 months.  Ooops!  I have been renting lots of iTunes movies so I wasn't shocked.  

I asked what he suggested.  The unlimited plan is what I've got now and I paid about USD$31 for September.  I'm on a trial basis now and he'll come back to my apartment in one month to see if I want to continue with the unlimited plan.  Talk about customer service.

The customer service continued as he called to tell me my Internet was working again.  About 60 minutes after unplugging and plugging back in my modem, router and Vonage box over 10 times, voila, I had my Internet and wifi connections.   During this hour period, he called me at least 4 times to check and see if it was working.  So, be this customer service or that I just got scammed into a plan, I'm glad I have Internet again and also that he's coming back so I can talk about it in person rather than over the phone.

Wish my first suspension story was more interesting than just running outta gigabytes.  Sorry to disappoint.

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