Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wanted: Part-time Rickshaw Driver

About two weeks ago I was over at Wolvies for dinner and to make Easter plans when Savanna asked me whether or not I had a car in Brazil.  I had just assumed she knew I didn't have a car but then again I'm probably one of the few adults in her life who doesn't have one.

She then asked me if I was going to buy a car when I moved to India.  I told her no because it's such a big city with so many people and cars. Jamey helped explain things a bit as to a 9-year-old the idea of so many people in a space is hard to grasp.  Trying to picture 1 million people living in 1 square mile of space is confusing to me at times too!

Then she asked how I would get around town.  This is where I explained I'd take taxis and rickshaws.  I told her what a rickshaw looks like and how they're like taxis but smaller which makes it easy to get around. 

She suggested that I just buy one.  Buy a rickshaw.  Does kinda make sense, but can you imagine?  I'd definitely have a lotta looks and probably a full rickshaw every time I was out toolin' around town.  Blondie rickshaw driver in Mumbai, can you imagine?

Thanks for the story Savvy and also for the inspiration behind my blog's background.

Also thanks to my dear friend Jenny who helped me finally figure out the obvious clickity clickk to end my quest for background personalization.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Blondie Moving Toward Bombay

On my recent Carnival vacation, I polled my friends what I should name my new blog.  When I started my Brazil blog two years ago, I made a Brazil specific blog thinking that I'd be heading back to the U.S. after living in Brasilia.  Well, fast forward those two years and now Mumbai's going to be my new home.  Mom, don't read that as home, it's just the place I'll be living.

So, when driving for four hours in an awful van that was twisting and turning along the Atlantic coast, I asked my friends and fellow van riders the question, "What should I call my new blog?"  I also added, "I was thinking about combining my blogs." 

That idea was vetoed instantly.  All believed I should make it India specific. No lame names and combinations allowed.

After considering their suggstions which included:
Menina in Mumbai (Girl in Mumbai)
Bombay Bombshell
and several others, I went with Sam's rec.  Yeah Sam, you can feel special.
So, as I transition between Brazil, the U.S. and India, I'm going to start sharing my thinking here.  I'm going to keep my Brazil blog going until I leave in June but have had a lot of thinking lately that ties between both countries or is specific to India and needed a place for it.

Here's your official welcome to my latest writing and life adventure as a blonde by bottle who's heading toward life in Asia among the usual rickshaws, temples and this time add some elephants and camels for fun.