Thursday, August 11, 2011


No, you didn't read that incorrectly.  That was the actual humidity reading in my apartment.  

Over the weekend I purchased a brand-new dehumidifier.  It also can turn into an air purifier which is also a humidifier.  It does it all!  It's like a Transformer but it's not trying to save and/or take over the planet.  

I've been doing a little action research with my dehumidifier.
1.  My maid or I empty the bin at least once a day.  My apartment here is pretty small.  Since we both empty it, I'm not sure exactly how much water it's able to hold (Yes, I could measure it but my measuring cups but they're in my shipment.  And yes I could use some other item as my measurement unit but that's a lotta work and I'm not great with estimating volume so no, I'm not going to do that).

2. When I returned home from school on Monday, the bin was full and the gauge read 74% humidity in my apartment.  So different than the dryness my friends are experiencing in Brasilia!

3.  It's a really quiet machine.  Yes, it of course makes some noise but it's like the volume of a fan.  I thought it'd be much, much louder.

4.  My apartment doesn't smell wet anymore!  That to me, is the best part.  So worth the money I spent.

My friend Andrea and I bought our dehumidifiers together on Sunday.  Her Facebook status was, "Chroma's de-humidifier is the most amazing invention in the entire world.  Seriously people, it takes moisture OUT OF the air and puts it into a container.  Omg."  She's so right!  I told her we should become dehumidifier groupies.

That's not the only thing fighting the HUMIDity in my apartment though.
These silca-gel like containers are in my closets soaking up the extra moisture there.

During monsoon season in Mumbai, you're fighting the water both outside and inside your apartment.  Whatever your line of defense is, I hope you see just how wonderful it truly is.

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  1. while you are at it ... abzorb india's culture, color, and upcoming festivals that will keep your apartment not dry or wet but extremely LOUD with the fireworks, drums, and music! you will wish that sucker (literally!) WAS louder to 'drown out' the chaos of ganpati, krishna's b-day, diwali, holi, etc. etc. etc!