Friday, August 12, 2011

Bombay Belly

No need to worry.  There won't be any unnecessary graphic details included here.  Many friends living in other parts of the world have asked about this, so I thought I'd share my own experiences thus far.

Thankfully I haven't had the full-blown Bombay Belly yet.  Other new teachers have experienced it and it's definitely awful.  If you do catch Bombay Belly, I've been told that you should let it do it's thing.  Don't take medication to end things because your body needs to work things out.  However, I did learn of some miracle medication that helps greatly.  The medication could be used if you're traveling or if you have just the basic obligation of work.  That reminds me that I need to get it's name just in case.

For me, I've had mild symptoms.  I've been woken up in the middle up the night with by awful stomachaches.  Remember when you were a kid, you'd have those horrible tummy aches.  Some were self induced while others just randomly happened.

There also was a scale of pain.  There'd be the mild stomachaches that you played up to gain some sympathy from your parents.  If you were my sister, you'd go to the school nurse, call Gram when she was visiting and tell her how awful you felt.  That was your ticket out of school and you were able to spend more time with your grandma.  Smart kid!

And then there were the bad ones.  The ones were you'd get out of bed and go to your parent's room.  Using your whiniest and quietest, "Mom" you'd wake her up and she'd procure some remedy.  Taking you back to bed and rubbing your back.  Giving you the wonderful pink stuff.

Three times since I've arrived I've had bad ones.  Today's one of those days.  My stomach's not quite right. I get waves of stomach pain.  My head also hurts and is a little hazy.   Ugh.

This post wasn't so easy to write.  Trying to write about the whole mess of Bombay Belly without using any detail detail and being vague, isn't as easy as it seems.  For those of you who asked, I hope this gives you just the right amount of information you need.

Here's to hoping that I don't jinx myself by writing this down.  Please Bombay Belly gods, I know my time will come but could you just wait a few more weeks?


  1. We get the Turkish Tummy here... and it's rough when it happens. I didn't get it until near the end of my first week and it stayed for about a week or so... it was just as you described and then some... Hope it doesn't get worse for you!!

  2. Feeling better. Fingers are crossed but I also know it's just part of my Indian initiation. Have a good first week back in Turkey!