Friday, August 5, 2011

Office Space

Space is definitely at a premium at ASB.  Next year at least one division will be moved to a different campus in order to gain more space.  With this prospect ahead and several middle and high school teachers without any type of office, I wondered where my home would be.

Well, as luck would have it, I've got a great new home.
My half.
Flowers provided by Craig Johnson.  Thanks for brightening my day!
Welcome to my piece of the library office.  I'll be sharing office with Heeru, the Elementary School librarian.  She's wonderful and already strongly advocating for some type of air con in our office (small and stuffy when both of us are in there).  It was her idea to try sharing for a while to see how it went.
Heeru's side of the office.
Heeru cleaned our several drawers, a cabinet and even under my desk to make sure I had room.  She introduces me to everyone as her new best friend since we're office mates.  She's funny, caring and definitely gets things done!

The location's great!  The cafeteria's just outside the library and that's where I can get lunch, coffee and see people coming in and out.  My location today I think helped me to get some flowers for my office.  I happened to look up as Craig, ASB's Superintendent, walked by the outer library windows.  I smiled.  A couple of minutes later, I sensed somebody was behind me and a vase of flowers (that are in the photo above) landed in our office.  Heeru wondered why she had not received any before.  I just smiled and thought, it's about the right place, right time and perhaps me just being me.  I gave them to Heeru for her home this weekend.
And we just don't have interior windows.  We get a poolside view.  And playground too.  The covering's to help with kids being able to play outside during monsoon season.

Not too shabby for a start. All I needed was a space and I think I got pretty lucky and got not just a space but a great one.

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