Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rough Waves

It's been a rough one folks.  Anger poured in as I awoke in the middle of the night and had to climb out the foot of the bed onto books scattered across my floor to the bathroom.

The anger surged as I started going through things.  Many had dried.  That was good news.  I had notified school I was coming in late due to still being sick (although improvement again) and that I needed to assess the damage in daylight.

My housekeeper, Espe and I, began going through the books.  Sigh.  Gasp. We peeled each page apart in my lovely children's books apart.  Pages tore and wrinkled and fell apart in our hands.  27 are a loss.

Then as we finished putting things away. We were ready to make the bed.  I thought, this could be the redemption.  Eeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr (imagine that game show buzzer again)!

The mattress was soaked.  One whole end of it complete with rust marks and a puncture.  After touching it, the water was visible on your hand. This is a brand-new mattress folks.  I laid on it for less than 15 minutes in the Back to Bed showroom.  Brand-new.  The anger continued to grow.

That's when I took some video of the damage.  Showing the chaos caused to my life and the damages. I played them back to make sure they were good quality and I could hear the anger in my voice.

I filled out my claims form and got ready for work.

Finding a rick was easy and as we began to drive down my street, I looked at my phone.  It was only 11 a.m.  Why did it feel like it was 5 p.m.?

As we entered into Bandra Kurla, lots of people began to notice me in the rick.  They were on motorcycles and in ricks and walking.  Not that it's unusual but maybe I started to notice them.  They smiled and waved. That's when I was reminded about my attitude.  I can feel crappy about this entire thing because frankly as my dear friend Erica reminded me, "It's sh*@#y!"  But I also can choose how I respond.

People at ASB are wonderful.  They listened.  They supported.  They shared their shipping woes.  They had a hard time understanding Aussie accents which lead to laughs.  One friend, dear Debbie, even shared some yummy Ferrero Rocher to eat when I do feel better.  So can't wait to eat it.  It's like torture!

But the goodness didn't end there.  I met with an amazing team of teachers who have set a goal to map their writing units.  And they're including me!

Books I'd ordered several weeks ago arrived.

The moving company and ASB checked in several times about filing the claim for the damages.  Things are moving forward and I'm optimistic.

At the end of the day, Jenn asked if I wanted to take a rick rather than the van.  That sounded delightful.  She encouraged me to go to PT.

I did go.  I now have my first Indian mehndi.
Well, it's really more like taping to help decrease the swelling but it's pretty and hot pink.

PT seems like it could be a good fit and will help me to get stronger which means things like yoga and other exercise is coming my way.

On my walk home from PT, I stopped at a shop to inquire about curtain rods and fabric.  People are coming tomorrow to give me estimates.  I bought shower curtain hangers and now have not only the towels from the U.S. but also my curtain as well.

Then I got to talk to my mom.  That helped the most of all.  It usually does.

So, all in all, it wasn't such a good day.  I felt like I'd been punched in the stomach.  In the big picture, things are okay.  It's just stuff but when you add other things to it, like illness and culture shock and settling in, it just all feels so much bigger.  Just gotta keep saying those things out-loud that are good so when the storm cloud comes again (because I'm sure it's on it's way now), I can remember the good too.

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