Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Wet

The good news is I'm feeling a bit better today.  My stomach is feeling um, more settled.  I'm still exhausted though but progress is progress.  A 2nd grader today told me how tired and pale I looked.  Then his friend added that I also had lots of spots on my face that looked like zits.  I told them I was sick.  They shrugged their shoulders and walked away to check-out books.  Gotta love the honesty of 7-year-olds.

The other good news is my shipment arrived. It arrived early this evening.

The bad news...
Does it look right to you?
Somethings didn't even come in a box because they had broken.
It got a bit soggy on the Mumbai port.

The agent's on his way to help me with filing the claim.  Damages include:  pillows, water stain on my box spring, lots of wet packaging and clothes.  Tomorrow morning in daylight will be when I can really see what's happened.

My biggest loss? My books. 27 in all were ruined and/or damaged.   I know in theory they can dry but they'll never close the same.  They'll have bent and twisted corners and water stains.  Several had been signed too by the author so that's my low blow.
My book's turned into soup!

I had been waiting a while in the apartment and when I heard there was damage, I didn't swear one bit. Just said, "Oh my god" about 15 times and wandered around assessing the damage.  I was either channeling some zen master, overly tired from being malnourished or it was the kindness of the delivery men who told me they'd never seen such a mess.

For tonight I've got a new decorating style...
Living room complete with clothes and toiletries laying out to dry.
Kitchens are also great places for drying clothes.
My guest room's all ready for your visit.
My brand new bed doesn't look quite so new anymore.
So, with the good, comes the bad and it'll get sorted out.  I'm proud of myself for keeping cool considering the awful surprise and also for doing it with being sick.  This is all making me stronger, right?

Note to those ever moving to a monsoon area.  Make sure your movers at your origin, line your lift/crate with plastic because most likely it'll sit in the rain someplace along the way.  

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  1. oh sweetie! i am SO SORRY ... mostly about the books! your sense of humor shining through those awful photos w/ the clever captions shows you are just the right sort of 'blondie' to live in bombay! i applaud your attitude with gratitude! xxx