Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Book of Threes

Today in a meeting, I was reminded that bad things come in threes.  Or so says mysticism, Christianity and hey, even an triangle has three sides.

Bad Thing #1 - My gastrointestinal awfulness
I am feeling SOOOO much better today.   I actually ate a sandwich for lunch.  And nobody told me I was pale.  As Ronnie Woo Woo would say, "Megan ate a sandwich!  Woooo!"  Chicago friends, I hope you know the voice to use.

Bad Thing #2 - My shipment
Booo!  Hiss!

Bad Thing #3 - Loosing my debit card
Yeah.  Add that to the list.  I just realized that last night while paying for my physical therapy.  Since I'd been sick  and pretty much housebound or at school, I knew it happened at a cash machine last Friday.  Not so good at all.

But the last thing, Bad Thing #3,  it helped me to turn a corner.  When I called today to cancel my debit card, I was informed that it had already been cancelled. I wondered if perhaps it was ASB (since I had them in the loop) who'd helped to do this for me.

"It's been cancelled since September 9th madam,"  said the help line rep.

"Really?"  I asked.

"Yes.  It was found at a cash station and the person called us to report it lost."

"Really?"  I asked again this time my voice went higher.

The answer confirmed that yep, it had been found at the cash station where I'd used it.  Talk about karma!  I've been trying to send rainbows and little smiley face flowers out into the world amidst all the chaos that these past two weeks have offered and I got one back.

So, My Book of Threes is closed now.  If you look on the last page, you'll see The End (which I hate seeing in books) is actually there.  And right below it is a daisy with a smiley face too.  Take that!

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  1. megan it's your karma coming back to you ... namaste my friend!