Saturday, September 10, 2011

Bombay Belly Strikes Again

No details about my symptoms this week, just sharing some things I've learned about being sick here.

This week I've learned...
  • in Mumbai when you're belly's a turning, people will ask you if you have "loose motions?"  Sounds so much nicer than diarrhea.
  • to stay hydrated people drink fresh lime soda (Fresh lime soda is a combo of seltzer water, mineral water, fresh lime juice and sugar or salt depending on your preference).
  • a popular bland food when you've got Bombay Belly is a mixing rice and yogurt together.
  • housekeepers are wonderful at making sure you have all of the right foods in your kitchen including  pomegranate, bananas and bread.
  • everyone has advice about what to eat (or not eat), where to eat (or not eat) and what to drink (or what not to drink).
  • co-workers are great at telling you how awful you look and that you need to leave work and go home.
  • housekeepers are amazingly quiet when you're home early to sleep.
  • when you go to the pharmacy to pick up some medicines to help with your loose motions, the pharmacist will smile at you when you leave and say, "Feel better soon madam."  
The good news is that besides all of this learning, I am starting to feel better.   Not quite so tired today and able to eat.  Every little step is an improvement

Ganesha, if you're reading this post, can you please remove this obstacle for me?  I know I didn't whisper this in your ear on Monday evening, but I'd really appreciate it.  Thanks!  Megan

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