Tuesday, September 27, 2011

P is for...

The white walls will soon disappear and in its place will be:

  • ocean turquoise and golden sand,
  • starlet gold and seductive mood and
  • coriander.

Thanks Amy for the inspirations, suggestions and helping me make some amazing choices that will make my place feel like home.  And most importantly, thanks for bringing the amazing chocolate cake.  It was delicious!  Very excited for the ideas to soon become a reality.


  1. Cannot WAIT to see the pictures of these colors on the walls! Great names! Seductive Mood in the bedroom right? I honestly believe that a new paint color can change an entire mood and feel of a room and a house. Good luck!

  2. Me either! I'm working with a contractor who's helping to get lots of odds and ends done and painting is a priority. Paint color names always crack me up. I laughed when I saw the name Seductive Mood for my bedroom. I went by color, not by name! Pictures will come I promise!

  3. and BRA names always crack me up ... the one that fit the me the best was NOT the one named 'satiny sexy push up' nor 'seductive lace'. it was 'age defying lift' and DAMN if i'm going to buy THAT?!?!?!?! i hope 'seductive mood' works out for ya! ha ha!

  4. Age defying lift? That's an awful name for a bra! Here's to hoping that sexy paint names help with more.