Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mom Knows Best...Episode #1 Snail Mail Race

Yesterday Minnesota mail arrived to ASB.  My wonderful mom sent...
a cute card with a special note AND
an Oprah magazine subscription.  I turn each page like it's a treasure.  I even read the entire advertisements!  This might stem from my days of living in Brazil and Korea without English magazines readily or cost-wise available for me.

But my mom knowing best doesn't end there.  She decided a few weeks ago to conduct a bit of a science experiment.  Maybe more like a challenge.  She sent two notes and then a week later two envelopes on the same day to me. One note went via Minnesota to Mumbai.  The other came directly from DeKalb, Illinois to Mumbai.  

Any guesses which way's faster?
This arrived today in my mailbox.  Mom really does know best.  Sending it straight to India's faster than via Minnesota.  So far reliability on the U.S. and Indian end are both great but the most direct route wins the snail mail race.  Time from Chicago to Mumbai is between 7-10 days.  Not too shabby!

Thought you all might be just as interested in these results.  Hint, hint.  
Also, thanks mom for the goodies which were lovingly packed and taped so they stayed securely in place. Opening up my goodies required scissors due to all of the Scotch tape.  Your strategy worked Mom because everything arrived intact and in the place you wanted it to be. The hankies and coffee here are definitely not wants but needs. Both will be put to good use tomorrow.   Love you!


  1. It all depends on what day of the month you mail stuff. If she mailed it on the 6th - straight to india would be faster because they don't send the MN mail until the 15th. but if she mailed them both the 12th and mN got there right in time to leave on the 15th I bet it would take about the same time.

  2. I tried to comment a couple of days ago but technology wasn't cooperating. Bobbi Jo - you're right about the timing. That plays a big factor. My surprise was just how quickly mail on it's own gets from the States to us here. Previous experience in Brazil and Korea were MUCH longer so this is a welcome surprise. My mom would also mention that it's much more cost effective to send via Minnie than directly to Mumbai.