Wednesday, November 23, 2011


On Saturday, during our shopping spree, we made a final stop on the way home.

The Parsi Dairy.

Rick and Kelli suggested a few things to try:  cream, yogurt and a a pastry (of course I can't recall the name).

My favorite?  The yogurt or curd.  It comes in a clay pot.  It's a rough clay pot that's not even on the bottom so it likes to roll around on the countertop.

It might not look like yumminess but oh you don't know what you're missing.
Breakfast this week's been lovely.  Each morning I open the fridge and put my fruit salad into a bowl.  Then I cut up a few bananas (remember they're small here) and top it with yogurt.  Stir and sigh.  Along with coffee and Parsi cream.

Rick and Kelli also told me their housekeeper's able to make Parsi yogurt now for them.  Here's to hoping Espe can continue the sweetness of my mornings.

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