Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Exactly one month till I trade...

Sorry for the crazy formatting.  I tried for 45 minutes to fix this, (including HTML code for the first time,and gave up.  
You get what you get and don't throw a fit!

Cows for...


The honks and bumps in ricks for...

the sounds of scraping snow plows.

My quiet apartment for...

the Goo's laugh.  
Cupcakes would be nice too.  Hint, hint!

Fresh lime sodas for...

Starbucks' white peppermint mochas.

Street stall shopping for...


I'm also looking forward to...

Big sisters ONLY picnics.

Hanging out with the girls.

 Maureen and Bernie 
No surprise this time Mom!

BT + a little one but - a big one.
We really need a new photo ladies.

G.A.D. and G.U.E.
Claudette's looking forward to seeing what's in her stocking this year.

This week at lunch, a friend asked what I was most looking forward about going home for the holidays.  

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