Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sew Many Possibilities

Late Sunday morning, I went to Thakhars', a fabric store, in Bandra with Pallavi and Katie.

Pallavi's the perfect guide at Thakars'.  She'll pull a bolt of fabric and I'll think, "Oh, that's not  me at all," but when the bolt is opened, it's just beautiful.  It's almost dangerous to go with her.  When you leave your apartment, you'll have one or two things in mind you want to make.  Then you get to Thakhars' and Pallavi uses her amazing eye, opens another bolt and you think, "I've got to have that too!"

After shopping, we always go onto Pallavi's flat to pull out our fabric finds and talk about what possibilities they hold. Lots!
Shirts for me and gifts for others.  Santa's having fun with all of the beautiful fabrics here.


  1. Do you SEW??? I didn't know this about you! They are incredibly beautiful!!!

  2. OMG no I do not sew! I can manage putting a button back on, albeit even that's not my thing. My sewing includes shopping for fabric and working with wonderful people who can take my ideas and make 'em happen.