Saturday, November 12, 2011

Celebrity Sighting?

What celebrity you ask?  Sorry this time no Sachin.  The next obvious next choice is me of course.  Well, in the eyes of a three-year-old.

Last evening, Fiona and Toby, (Middle School Principal and High School English teacher), had a Friday Night Happy Hour at their apartment.  They have a beautiful and amazing home that's just about two blocks from where I live.  The drinks and food and company were wonderful.

Fiona and Toby have two daughters.  Cassidy is three and Maive is eight.

I was sitting and chatting with Jodi, the Elementary Principal's wife, when I heard Cassidy, say, "Momma, Momma, come here."

Then out of the corner of my eye I saw Cassidy lead Fiona by the hand around the cream and mod floral chair I was sitting in.

Cassidy said, "Momma, this is Miss Megan."

I smiled and said, "Oh it's nice to meet you Fiona."

Fiona replied, "You as well."  We both smiled at each other knowing that for her, rather than saying we already knew each other, her special "introduction" was more important.

"I'm lucky enough to visit Cassidy's classroom once a week to read a story to her class so I'm getting to know Cassidy pretty well."

Cassidy smiled and nodded.

It's easy to forget how special it feels when you spot one of your teachers outside school.  It just catches you by complete surprise.  Especially when the spotting happens in your own home.

I'm looking forward to this week's ECE3 (that's Early Childhood Age 3) read aloud to learn which part of my visit she shares with her class.  Will it be:

  • how we sat on the balcony and we counted pans of dirt and bricks being carried on the tops of mens' heads and then dumped into a large dump truck or 
  • how we watched Backpack eat funny things like swimsuits and skiis (on Dora the Explorer of course) or
  • will it be simple and just about how I ate dinner at her house? 

After a busy, wonderful, stressful, jam-packed week, it's nice to know that I'm spending time where it counts and that time is making a difference where I want it to.  With who's most important. ASB students like Cassidy.  That's the type of celebrity I wanna be.

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