Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brazil Brain?

One week, three times. What's going on?

1.   Now those of you who knew me in Brazil, know that I can understand Portuguese but I don't like to speak it. I shy away from it and force those around me to answer waiter's questions, make phone calls and accompany me into doctors' offices.  Last week I was in a three-day training.  There were 15 colleagues altogether.  One of them, Corey, who lived in Sao Paulo for several years, speaks Portuguese. What's funny though is during last week's training, each time Corey spoke, my answer came in Portuguese.  Now Corey's a friend so I do feel comfortable around him but we've never or barely spoken in Portuguese, although he tries. Weird.

2.  Friday night, there was a newbie dinner at the Elementary Principal's apartment.  The evening started with me and ASB's Superintendent, Craig, who also worked with me in Brazil, catching up on our EAB colleagues. I knew a bit more than he did about some and he knew a bit more about others but it was nice to talk with someone who knows my Brazilian family and friends.  Sigh.

3.  Again on Friday night, I was talking with Abby, who lived in Brazil, prior to India as well.  She and her family lived in Sao Paulo.  We reminisced about clubs and churrasco and caipiroskas.  Parks and swimming.  Pedicures and blowouts.  Fashion and how we so appreciate India's fashion more.


Why's Brazil on my brain?  Why am I craving the food?  Why am I thinking in Portuguese when I'm surrounded by Hindi, Marathi and English?  

I don't have a good answer.  

It's nice to have people here who also have Brazil brain.  Hearing Paul (Abby's husband) and Abby and Corey speak in Portuguese made me smile. Talking with Craig about our colleagues and friends fills me up because he knows how amazing they are.  

So beijios and abracos to Brazil and my dear friends who are there or who've moved to a new home.  You are definitely on my mind and it's nice to have you close this weekend.  Tchau!

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