Thursday, November 3, 2011

Cardinal Directions in India: North, Sachin, East, West

Today's conversation with one our wonderful ASB drivers:

"Can you drop me on Perry Cross Road?"
"Where madam?"

"Perry Cross?"
No reply.

"I want to go to Sachin's house."
"Oh yes.  I know right it madam."

Thank you Sachin Tendulkar for being an Indian hero and thus helping me to my final destination.

For those who haven't heard of Sachin, shame on you.  He's like a God.  A cricket god.
Everyone knows Sachin.

Each time I go to Pallavi's to pick-up some clothes, I pass his "humble" abode.

And yes, I stop and am one of the gawkers outside his huge new home.

Usually I'm lucky enough to see some car pull in or out but no sightings yet.  The rickshaw drivers, young boys headed to the mosque and I all hope to catch a glimpse.

For Americans, it'd be like spotting Michael Jordan.

For Brits, it'd be like Beckham.

For Kiwis, it'd be like Ritchie McCaw.

Now I'm probably confusing my American friends more.   Whatever your nationality, just make sure if you come to Mumbai, you've got your directions straight.

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