Saturday, June 4, 2011

I Got My...

visa!  I got my visa!  At 11:45 this morning, thanks to Andrea and Fiat's help, picked up my Indian visa.  It's complete, has my school's name and all the correct info.  The only wrong, well, not wrong but interesting thing is for those who read closely.  All of the information is off by one line.
Thus some fun things like:

Surname:  none
First name:  Looney
Number of children: 027,600,000 (is part of my passport number which should be on the line above.

After the process of the past few days, I decided not to mention this to them. Instead, it could make for some interesting conversations in India.  Right?

And I did get a receipt for my visa for R$592.  Perhaps I was wrong about the bribe and this is the correct amount after all.

So happy to be another step along in the move to India.

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