Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bombay Blogger - New Scenery in my Hood

As I sit comfortably on a couch pillows in the half bath at my sister's house due to the tornado warning (not on the Church toilet Sam but next to it), I had a chance to catch up on my email.  I actually subscribe to a few Bombay blogs via email. It's a great way to learn about my new home through other expats' eyes. I received a couple of blogger's posts while I was in Milwaukee with AP, CPF and LM. Since I had limited options, I took the time to read a few posts.

The link below is to Karsten's blog.  He stumbled across some new scenery in my new neighborhood.  Wonder if it'll still be there when I arrive to Mumbai in 31 days...

Strained in Mumbai

Ohhh...some loud  and rattling thunder!  Lisa, what were you saying earlier about being cozy on the couch with a fire burning? 

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