Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Countdown Officially Begins

Nope.  Still not in Mumbai.  The countdown's at 20-some days.   Okay, just counted 28.  I think that means I need to start counting down.  Maybe.

A few other countdowns...

3 more days to love NYC and to get inspiration from one of my writing heroes who swears at least five times each day
Mom and Dad watch out because I could totally live here.  More on it soon.

5 days till my Great Aunt Kate's 90th birthday celebration
Looking forward to celebrating this special day with all my family

6 days till Andrea's birthday and the Annual Pearson 4th of July Party

7 days till the Goo's 31st birthday
Margaritas and more

8 days till the movers come
That means 7 days to finish all of my shopping odds and ends.  I shoulda brought the bigger suitcase to NYC.

11 days till Memphis and the Laptop Institute
I'll meet many of my newbie colleagues and learn all about one-on-one teaching and learning.

17 days till the Looney weekend in Chicago

20 days till the BT girls head to Lake Geneva for a getaway

So many amazing things before I go.  So many wonderful people I get to see and enjoy.   Glad the countdown is filled with that.

This countdown though is bringing up some mixed feelings.  I was going to delete this post.  Just keep it for me.  But then you wouldn't get my true perspective.  Moving has it's ups and downs.  Tonight I'm feeling both.

Alright time to go and call my mom and dad.

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  1. I also countdown the days to trips and other celebrations (much like you've done here). I have only 13 days before I move to Brasilia - I'm so anxious and excited and nervous (but not in a bad way). Ahhhhhhh

    Good luck.