Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Just a Spoonful of Ginger...

makes my cold fade away (for a bit).

I finally caught the ASB cold.  It's been floating around school for a few weeks so I knew eventually I'd take my turn.  Yesterday morning, I woke up and my head felt fuzzy. I thought I'd had one too many egg nogs the evening before at the Christmas Tree Lighting.

Then I thought maybe it was my allergies. I'm stretching out my allergy medication by taking it every other day until I get home. The medication I used has a substance that's banned in India so I can't get it here.

Just before leaving for the day I realized the fuzziness wasn't nog or allergies.  It was actually a head cold.

I left a note today for my housekeeper, the wonderful Espse.  She makes delicious chicken,veggie and rice soup and ginger tea that I thought could help push away this cold.

Not only did I get my tea and soup, you'll see I also had a little friendly advice.
Don't worry about me following Espe's advice.  I drank my ginger tea very hot hot along with some Nyquil. The tea was super gingery.  There actually were huge chunks of ginger in the bottom of the soup pot.

And definitely don't worry about me eating yogurt for breakfast.   Not sure how that will help but I'll try anything to get better quick.  Here's to hoping I feel better soon.


  1. I thınk she saıd DON'T eat yogurt... the milk makes mucus so best to avoid it. Get better soon!!!

  2. Two people confirmed your thinking today at school Angela. Thanks for the well wishes!