Monday, December 12, 2011

Appreciating India

There have been a lot of things today to remind me how much I appreciate India.  Mostly the wonderful people who are in my life.  And a lot of these things would only happen here.  

The time screen time starts now.  15 minutes till my brain says screen time is over and I want to capture these moments before I take my new medicine and loose them.

Only on a random Monday in India do you:
  • realize you need to go home sick due to all of the dizziness and fuzziness, stop by the Business Center and have a ride home in less than 2 minutes,
  • have a driver take you door-to-door through the mid-day school traffic (rickshaws full of children),
  • arrive home to your apartment to find 7 pairs of shoes outside your door,
  • open your apartment door to find those 7 men repairing your 3 air conditioners that you asked to be serviced less than 24 hours before,
  • sit on a couch surrounded by 7 men who are servicing your air conditioners since the bathroom's the only empty room in the house,
  • have your housekeeper arrive while the men are working and tell them they need to hurry up so you can rest,
  • have your sheets changed while you make one phone call to a dr,
  • have 7 men finish their work quickly because your housekeeper politely asked them to hurry up,
  • have a healthy lunch (chicken, broccoli with garlic, rice and salad) prepared while you sleep,
  • have a light knock to tell you your yummy lunch is ready,
  • sleep all afternoon and wake in time to have your housekeeper give you final tips before leaving for the night,
  • have a doctor who makes house calls arrive within the time frame promised,
  • have the house doctor diagnose you with sinusitis, write prescriptions and help you feel a bit at ease for $28.39 and in 30 minutes,
  • walk to the pharmacy and pay $11.90 for 4 medicines including antibiotics.
I appreciate all of the help I had today from the people so much.  Thank you.  Also appreciating my ASB friends who sent me home, gave me hugs, called or texted to check on me and share the dr's number so I can get healthy for my big trip home on Friday.  The help's appreciated by my heart and my head which will hopefully feel better very soon.

Time's up!


  1. Hope you're sleeping soundly and on your way to feeling better, Meg!! Take care of yourself!!

  2. Thanks AP! Slow and steady. Hopefully with the extra rest and meds it'll be before I'm U.S. bound. See you soon friend! :)Bjs.