Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tuned In

I chatted with my mom and dad tonight on the phone and realized there is an update I hadn't shared with you all...

Friday, after a series of phone calls and two visitors, I got cable!

Heeru was on the phone for quite a while during the day.  She was beyond wonderful with helping to make sure it was all arranged.  Remember, this has been a three week process.  Then around 5 p.m. one technician showed up and began to install a digital cable box.  Shortly after, the doorbell rang again and a second technician arrived.  His order was a bit different from the first as he'd heard from the office, whom which Heeru had spoken.  The two weren't speaking in English, so I knew they were talking about the two of them being there. When they'd arrived, they both spoke to me in English.  Each tech spoke with someone from their office while they were here.  I worried that I was so close to having cable but there was still potential for something to go wrong.

After they installed the box, they demonstrated how to use the remote and digital cable menu features.   I asked a couple of questions and then it was time to pay up.  I gave a sigh of relief.

The two technicians told me a different price then Heeru had been told over the phone. There was a 1000Rs difference between the two numbers.  I hummed and hawed and didn't want to pay as I was afraid I was being ripped off.  At the crucial moment, my phone rang.  It was Heeru who talked with me and one of the techs.  She helped to sort everything out and by 6 p.m., I finally had cable t.v.

I can now watch shows and channels in several languages including Hindi, Gujarati, French, German and today Korean.  Lots of English channels have subtitles.  I'll figure out how to turn off that feature soon.  Didn't know I needed to ask the tech that question on Friday.

Compared to Brazil, there's lots more channels with shows from the U.S., Australia, and the U.K.  Stations like BBC, CNN, Discovery, TLC, CBS, STAR and others.  I'm sure I'll find more as I get used to actually turning on the t.v.

What's funny to me is the t.v.'s become almost like a decoration in my apartment.  I mean it's been here over three weeks.  So it's kinda strange to now watch it. I did get sucked in for a bit yesterday and watched the end of "Sweet Home Alabama" after I ran errands.

So all of my tuning into the positive and practicing patience is paying off.  Hope to be reaping more benefits this week.  Tune in for more.

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