Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Carp-e Diem

As I walked home from physical therapy tonight,  I pulled out my iPod and decided to just enjoy the evening.  I chose a playlist I'd made last year and walked with purpose through the horns and ricks and cars and Diwali lights.  

Today's been a great day.  Here's a few reasons why.

1.  I had writing conferences today with first graders in the morning and seventh graders in the afternoon. Both groups were writing personal narratives.  First graders write about being nervous to cut their fingers with a knife as they slice their birthday cake. About riding their bike with their grandparents to Culver's in America (yes America).  Seventh graders write about being the new kid and how you "can't walk" when you are.  About pressure from a teacher to learn a language.  About enjoying surfing even if it is in polluted waters.

2.  My beautiful new chair arrived.  It's not the one I ordered.  That one I returned because it had flaws.  But I heart this new one much, much, more.  Funny how sometimes things work out.

3.  Royce, the great contractor, stopped over to measure my apartment for painting.  I gave him the colors I shared with you all last week.   They'll start painting next Monday and finish next Friday.  Talk about a transformation!

4.  Today I got fitted for new orthotics during physical therapy.  Now, some of you may think, big deal but for me it means that my regular PT is done.  It means I've got to wear sneakers again for a bit to keep working on my ankle and also do home exercises but these lovely new insoles mean more freedom!

5.  It was a Minnie-soda mail day!

Ansley wrote my name!  And Corrine drew me a beautiful picture!

Pretty princesses
Mom and Dad truly know best.  Perfect notes.  Magazines and snacks and pencils and dish towels and other fun too. 
Favire mail.  Favorite faces and funny friends.
I'm hope that my dad's card is true.  That the...

is over! If you're having trouble reading the card, it says "Crap."

Things are coming together.  Well, today they are and it feels really good.  

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  1. Looks like a great day! I wrote the date I mailed your letter on the envelope. Will be interesting to see how long it really takes.