Thursday, July 21, 2011

Today's Random Comment

As I've said before, when you tell people you're moving to India, there are lots of different reactions people can have.  Shock.  Horror.  Exuberance.  Happiness.  As well as others.  Today's was a new one.  

  • Uber hot summer day in Illinois suburbs (heat index 107)
  • Verizon Wireless store in Batavia, Illinois at the check-out counter
  • Megan
  • one male Verizon employee
  • one female Verizon employee
  • one frustrated iphone male customer
Act One Scene One

Narrator:  After a few minutes of establishing the phone upgrade was silly, the Verizon employee and Megan reached their decision.  She would buy the cheapest phone charger and call it a day. Truly, it was all she needed.

The pair approaches the Verizon counter.  The employee directs Megan to his cash register which is stationed next to a female Verizon employee and a male customer.  The male customer is fiddling with his phone as the employee tries to solve his problem.

Male Verizon employee:  " So, where you do live overseas?"  

Megan:  "I live in India."

Male Annoyed Customer:  "India is dirty.  Why would you want to live there?"

Megan:  "I work there.
Male Seriously Annoying Customer "Seriously.  India's dirty.  You should live in China.  You been to China?"

Megan:  "Yes I have."

Male Completely Annoying Customer:  "You been to Shanghai?"

Megan:  "Yes."  She feels exasperated but continues to listen.  She doesn't show any expression on her face.

Both Verizon employees listen but continue to help both of their individual customers.  

Male Super Annoying and Complete Inappropriate Customer:  "You been to Shanghai?"

Megan nods yes.  She pulls her debit card out of her purse. 

Male Super Annoying and Complete Inappropriate Customer:  "I took my son there. He said he could live there.  It's clean.  He told the guys there his mom wouldn't be able to live there."

Male Verizon Employee: "That'll be $21.  If you want go ahead and swipe your card."

Megan:  "China's nice.  I prefer Beijing to Shanghai.  Have you been to Beijing?" 

Male Super Annoying and Complete Inappropriate Customer: "No."

Megan: "You should try it.  It's dirty too. Well, the air's really dirty.  I must like to visit dirty places. Bejing's so amazing and the temples and palaces are just beautiful.  I really like India and think it's a great place for me to live.  It's different than here but it's amazing in so many ways.  I think it's beautiful.  Sorry that the garbage bothered you so much."

Male Super Annoying and Complete Inappropriate Customer: "You should still live in China."

Male Verizon Employee:  "Would you like a bag?"

Megan:  "No.  Thanks for making this so easy."  She smiles and hobbles out of the store thinking thanks to the Verizon employee but also to the customer who's reminded her of why some people just don't get it.

End Scene 
Thank goodness there was only one scene.  

Seriously Verizon customer guy?  If you think China's so great, maybe you could get your phone fixed more easily there.  

I'm excited for India.  6 days.

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