Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Little TLC

I made it!  I'm sitting on my burgundy and oatmeal striped couch listening to a chorus of honks over the rain outside.  I'm really loving India already.  It's funny how the chaos really hasn't hit yet.  I know it will sometime soon but I'm enjoying it's beauty so far.

With not knowing quite where to start, I thought I'd jump into how much help and TLC I've had since I arrived.  Actually the help started long before I arrived.  ASB and people in India thus far have taken care of me with getting settled in.  I feel beyond fortune to have the help I have so far.  Just wanted to take a quick moment to share some appreciation.

1.  Mumbai Airport
At the airport, as usual I was the last off the plane.   That's what happens when you're a gimp.  As I walked toward the exit, I heard "Looney, Looney," being called.  I was helped down the wet metal staircase, through a long and slow immigration line, unloading my five 50lb bags off the baggage belt and through customs and out the door by three wonderful.

I also have to give a shout to my ASB friends who helped me in transit by pulling bags, loading bags, changing seats from Brussels to Mumbai all so I could be more comfortable and manage the travel easier.  Thanks guys!

2.  Flowers
On my table inside my apartment is this wonderfully smelling flower arrangement.  Each time I walk in I see it, the flowers make my place which is a complete mess, feel more like a home.  Something small but nice.  

3.  ASB Staff
Where to even start?  I have...
  • been greeted at the airport by a flurry of ASB staff members who swooped up our bags and bodies after myself, 20 newbie colleagues and their families had a 2 a.m. arrival,  Our flight was delayed.  Immigration took a while.  Bags were on the same belt as a Bangkok flight.  Everyone was so tired but we were greeted with nothing but smiles and help.
  • had colleagues make sure I received seat changes on my flight from Newark to Mumbai so my ankle could get some extra room,
  • had coffee at a colleague's apartment while we reviewed details of what's on our schedule after that colleague showed me all around my apartment, 
  • been shown how to use every appliance, geezer and water filter in my apartment (see if you can find out what a geezer is) by two more ASB employees, 
Here's a hint for a geezer.
  •  a stocked fridge and coffee table filled with books and magazines all about Mumbai,
The chocolate chips and pb cups were packed but everything else was there!
I have a cupboard with some things in it too!
  • been introduced to a vendor who sells Indian cottage cheese called paneer (yes, I did try it and it's great!)
  • a working cell phone and internet connection and
  • been fed like crazy from yummy Chinese to a delicious Indian dinner. Dinner started with a sweet lime soda and ended with a great new dessert which had a warm donut hole covered in honey which was accompanied by condensed milk ice cream (I think I got that right) and
  • been walked to the car like a prom date by a new colleague in the rain so I wouldn't slip and fall.  They got soaked!
4. Delivery
I had deliveries made including an ironing board, trash cans, tupperware, dish and clothes drying racks and hangers all at no extra cost.  The guys in the shop ran around and up and down grabbing everything I needed.  

So far so good. By the way, the rain's so strong now, I can't hear the horns any longer.  Love this!  Time to go.  I'm off to sleep since it's after 10:45 p.m. here and tomorrow's my first official day of work.  


  1. Megan, your post has made me so excited for you! I love that fun, new feeling of starting a new adventure. I hope your first day of work goes great!

  2. Sounds like a wonderful school... can't wait to read your continued impressions of the place, the people, the culture and the job!!!

  3. Post pictures of the apartment soon. I am dying to see what it looks like. What is the view from your place? Miss you!

  4. Nessa - Thanks for the well wishes. Wish you and Mark safe travels back to Brazil for year three!

    Angela - Thanks for your support! Hope you are enjoying your final days of summer! Sounds like you are running up a storm. Keep it up.

    LB - Apartment pics are coming soon. Promise. That's today's goal. View included. Miss you very, very much.

  5. I love the vivid picture you have painted for us! It's a great start to your new life and school year to be greeted with such comforts that you totally appreciate! I also can't wait to see pics of the apt. and your new school space. Miss you! Can't wait to hear more!

  6. Jen - Miss you too. Glad you're enjoying a bit of life. Apartment tonight and school space soon. Miss you too!

  7. I'm so excited for you, Megan. How great... keep the posts coming so we can continue to experience your adventure with you!! Whew last Friday before school starts here at EAB. [sort of crooked, sad face] I love vacation. kkk

  8. Hirsch - thanks for the positive thoughts and I'm glad you're enjoying reading along with my new adventures. I hope you enjoyed your last Friday of the summer. Hopefully reconnecting with Hayes was a bit part of that. I don't blame you about loving vacay. That was part of dinner convo tonight. How can we travel more and work less? Hmmm....Definitely miss you all ALOT! Give hugs to Hayes and Mon for me.