Saturday, July 30, 2011

My New Pad

So, here's my new place.  It's not quite ready for guests, but by the time any of you even arrived, I could be.  Here's a brief first tour of my new home.  
My Apartment # and Doorbell 
Why won't you please come in?  My living room and dining room
Looking back at the front door in much better light.  See my flowers!
To the right of the entry, is my long galley kitchen. 
View from kitchen window - all window have this plastic
chicken wire to prevent the birds from roosting.

Guest room
Well, once my stuff is put away.
More guest bedroom.  It will look much cuter once I get settled
and decorate.  There will be a bed too, don't worry.
Guest  bathroom - See I have two bathrooms this time around
Very fancy.
Guest bath continued
That dark shape outside is my dryer which sits on a piece
of plywood under the guest bedroom aircon.
My bedroom
Again, lots to do like put clothes away, decorate after shipment
but my bed's pretty comfy so far.  This bed will move into
the guest room once my shipment arrives.
More of my room 

My shower - the shower's open so water goes everywhere!
This is an Indian style bathroom.  Shower curtain on the
way but the floor slant can't be fixed
More bathroom
My view
Little bit different than Brasilia

It's definitely a great space.  If there's good bones, then the rest will come in time.  Just gotta be patient.  Please know I'm saying that aloud so I know that too.  


  1. wow! It looks amazing! I was pleased to see that the toilets look relatively the same on the other side of the world. I may be able to visit now.

  2. You would LOVE it Laura. Especially the toilets. With my boot I haven't gone exploring as much as I'd like in terms of toilets or otherwise. The shopping finds you'd make, wow. I'm hoping to visit a furniture reclaiming spot and bazaar in the next few weeks to get some things for my place. I'll keep ya posted on that and the toilets too.

  3. It looks great! Your bathroom has reminded me of my bathroom my second year in Korea. Remember all the things I came up with to try and contain the shower water? Good luck with decorating it, that's the fun part.

  4. I'd totally forgotten about that Rachel! I especially remember the hula hoop and shower curtain with long string. The water height wise, is alright, it'st the floor slant that I'm battling because it pools beneath the sink, far away from the drain. This morning I came to the realization that I may just have to do what some of my colleagues are doing, unless I want wet feet, which is to use one bath for everyday stuff and designate the other for showers. We'll see...My other memory of your apt is our Tim Tam Slam night. Fun times!