Friday, July 22, 2011

My Sister's Da Bomb! Well, Irish Car Bomb That Is.

Since I haven't learned how to say cheers in Hindi yet, I'll go with what I know.  Slainte!  It's more appropriate for this post anyway.

Why would you say cheers with a cupcake?  Because it's an Irish Car Bomb cupcake!

Today I was surprised with a special going away treat from the Goo.  She brought home a dozen homemade, Irish Car Bomb cupcakes.  This summer while in Milwaukee I found this delicious dessert and proclaimed it my all-time favorite.

Sous Chef Goo and the Executive Chef Brian spent several hours last night battling the heat, provided by Mother Nature and a steamy oven, to make me my favorite dessert.

Cupcake = Guinness Chocolate +
Ganache = Jameson Chocolate +
Icing = Bailey's Buttercream =

Thanks guys for making my final few days in the states filled with this delightful dessert.

And no friends, I'm not sharing!

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