Saturday, May 12, 2012


Today I went out for breakfast and wedding jewelry shopping with friends.

While at the jewelry store, my phone rang. Of course it was a number I didn't recognize. It's common to receive random numbers calling you here.  But I've learned that unlike other places I've lived, I need to answer because most times, it's someone trying to help me do something.

"Hello?" I heard a voice say.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Yes, hello?"

"Hello. Yes? You called me?" I said again.

Talking but nothing understandable.

"Yes, hello? Can I help you?" I asked.


Again knowing that someone's trying to tell me something I said, "Yes?"

"Something, something, internet." we're getting somewhere. This is someone calling about my internet.

"Yes, you need something about my internet?" I replied.

"Something, something, something," said a different voice.

"I'm sorry I can't understand you. It's loud where you are," I replied.

A third voice then said, "Hello?"

By this time I hadn't even too much patience yet. I'm thought I need to pay my internet bill. I haven't done it in a while.

"Hello?" I replied. "You are calling about my internet?"

So, the voice said, "Something, something, home."

"I'm out. I will be home after 3."

"Okay 3," replied the third voice and we hung up.

So here I sit. It's after 3 and hopefully somebody soon will come to collect my payment. It may have taken us both a little patience on the phone. That's a frequent thing in India for both expats and Indians. We all have a difficult time understanding one another. Some days it doesn't bother you and others can drive you crazy. Today I'm feeling the former.

But how can you complain when the internet company calls to tell you you need to pay your bill and they're going to send someone to your door to collect it?

A little patience paid off. And hopefully my bill will be paid off soon as well.

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