Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Pad #2

Earlier this week and last I'd shared posts about water and my apartment.  I realized that I haven't shared an update and I've had a few inquiries so, here's the latest news with my pad.

1.  My geyser
School came and replaced the geyser which had crashed down earlier in the week.  I've got a new one but you may notice it's not quite in the same spot.  I'm sure there's a reason...  And more importantly I have warmish water again.

2.  My new desk
My apartment's is smaller than the one I had in Brazil and of course than the Goo's townhouse so I've been struggling with furniture arrangement.  This week I had a large table taken out because it was just too big and in its place I created the little office nook I wanted and needed.  I found a great console at Sanctum last weekend that I can see using here for a desk but in the future for another purpose.

3.  Curtains and Couch

No photos yet.  Tomorrow night I should (cross your fingers) have new curtain linings.  The couch fabric came in but was MUCH darker than what I ordered. Tomorrow night when the tailor comes to install my curtains, they're also bringing the couch fabric for me to check.  The shop I'm working with has had good customer service.  They've been helpful with the wrong fabric order and with helping to get the right plastic holders for the curtains.  I just need to remind myself to exercise a little patience, I can do that.

4.  Furniture rearrangements

I think I have pretty good design sense.  Thanks Mom for that.  With furniture and art arrangements, I also to like things a little askew or off.  I'm not a fan of straight lines so I play when I move things around.  Like my desk area.  You saw there are two pieces of furniture.  I spent 20 minutes playing with the angles and eventually found the option I liked best.  So, you can see the problem.  I've got ideas but I have to physically move everything inch by inch to get there.

I've been messing around a bit with layouts.  So, here are a couple of new ones for now.  I'm trying to bring more light into my place so I hope this new bed arrangement helps.

It used to look like this.

The living room is another problem for me.  We're gonna give this a try for a while.
It used to look like this.

I figure I'll try it out just to see which arrangement works better in the space.

So, that's the latest from my pad.  This week my goals include getting those curtains in, the couch recovered and visiting the framer to finally get some art on my walls.  Updates to come I'm sure.

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