Sunday, January 15, 2012

Curtain Call

Curtains have been a nemesis since I arrived in Mumbai.

When I moved in, I had these lovely orange sherbet curtains in each room.
Aren't they beautiful?
At least once a month I've done the shopping rounds looking for curtains.  Reality is, that I must be too picky. Surprise!  But the good news is that the curtain saga is coming to a close.

I found curtains for my bedroom while I was in the States over the holidays.  Beautiful green with lovely flowers.  
Then I found the white sheers I was dreaming last weekend at one of my favorite shops, called The Shop that just a few blocks from my house.  
This meant I could move the curtains I bought from bedroom #2 into the living room.  Yay!  
After figuring out the major stuff, the important things, I knew I needed to get fabric to go behind them that matched.  Espe had warned me that with the strong afternoon sun my apartment gets that they would fade unless I took precautions.  And as you all know, Espe knows best so I took her advice.

Tuesday, I went to Variety Fabric in Bandra Bazaar with Tiffany.  She was finishing up her fabric selections as well and wanted a second opinion on her choices.  Since I was there, I chose fabric as sunshades for bedroom #2 and the living room.  I also chose fabric to recover my couch.  

The two tailors came to my apartment Friday evening to take measurements.  They were helpful, kind and I was even able to do some negotiating. They gave me my quote which I was pleased with overall.  

Yesterday I went to Variety to put down my deposit.   While I waited for them to write up my quote, I snapped a couple of shots of the fabric shop.  There's fabric covering every inch of the place.   
Orders are in the blue bags waiting for pick-up.
So many possibilities.  
They even have a secret stash in a hatch below the store. 
Some of my fabric.
Wednesday I'll have my new curtains finished and couch recovered.  Once it's all done, I'll post pics.

Bye, Bye dreamsicle orange!


  1. I am super jealous of your fabric store!!!! I can't wait to see it all finished. Miss you!

  2. That's why you need to come and visit! You'd go crazy here. Especially at some of the bazaars and fabric stores. Place to stay, good food, cheap could write it off, right? Miss you too LB!