Monday, January 16, 2012

Geyser, Geyser on the Wall...

why, oh why did you have to fall?

You can see the geyser's original location in the upper right corner on the wall.
Metal tubing, which you can see connecting the water supply knob to the filter, was also connected the geyser.
If I turn on the hot water now, I'll get a lovely spray all over the kitchen.  Think I'll settle for cold tonight.
At 4:00 today the geyser, aka hot water heater, came crashing down literally in my kitchen.  Luckily Espe was in the other room when it happened.

Apparently she heard a loud bang and walked into the kitchen where she found water spraying everywhere.  At first she didn't know what happened. Water was spraying on the ceiling, walls and floor. Then she saw the geyser in the sink. Luckily she was able to turn off the water and also the power as well without being electrocuted.   Talk about a day!

When I got home she was wet and upset but okay.  She was worried about my things while I was worried about her. Towels to the rescue.

Tomorrow  a new geyser's being installed.  Here's to hoping this one doesn't blow its top!

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