Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby It's Cold Outside...Chiberia

I'm on winter break in the US. I return as a brunette to Bombay later this week. Contemplating a blog name change...

So love it or hate it, the current deep freeze in Chicago has of course a cute name. Chiberia. Chiberia is a reference to...
In particular look at the "feels like temperature.
What to do on a winter break day when on the news they're showing how much warmer it is in Alaska than it is in Chicago? You get a little inspiration from a Facebook friend and Google winter science experiments and you get...

your mom's who's willing to bundle up and toss boiling water into the -45 degree air which turns it into water vapor.

We I wasn't completely satisfied by the result, so when we came back inside, I researched more into it. Does the quantity of water have an impact? What about the size or shape of the container? What about how you throw it? So you go back outside to do a bit more research and you find...

that really it's about how you throw the water. Love your technique Mom.

While I was inside I wanted to see what Chiberians were doing so you looked on Instgram and found LOTS of Chiciagoans did the same experiment today. I also read about another experiment with bubbles and how they freeze in such chilly temperatures. So, I had to try this too.
See corn syrup can be good...sometimes
I found a solution for us to make and got a little lot of help from my Dad with the bubble solution recipe modification. We tried a few different types of wands to blow the bubbles including cookie cutters and found that a slotted spoon worked best.
Bubble solution factions
Then out we went outside and were able to blow them but with the wind being so strong, it was hard to get great pictures  or even catch them but here are a few shots of us braving the cold.

When we saw the bubble pop they looked more like if a plastic or glass had shattered like this.

Photo from Babble.com (Just Heather)
Okay, ours really never landed and looked so perfect, more melted and shattered but you get the idea.

Pretty good winter fun despite the cold. Still gotta do the put the wet clothing item out into the cold experiment though. And for those of you with another day off tomorrow, here are a few more ways to love this arctic polar cyclone too.

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  1. I love that you had a fun snow/cold day with your fabulous p's!! Well done, Looneys!