Friday, January 3, 2014

A Year in 15 Seconds

In 2013, I didn't send Xmas cards. I didn't send New Year's cards. 

Maybe that was due social media's influence and my love of Instagram. 

Maybe it's because I didn't find the perfect picture of just me in all of the amazing places. Perhaps I'm being a little vain. 

Maybe that's because when I visited all of the amazing places I did in 2013, I was with my family and friends and they're in most of my photos. They could have the best ones of me that I haven't seen yet on their cameras (read that as a hint friends).

When I landed in Chicago in December, I felt a ping of guilt when I arrived home and had a wonderful pile of cards showcasing family photo in Xmas pajamas or red and green trimmed dresses and shirts. Summer memories or lovely professional portraits. I didn't do my part. 

In 2013, traveled to Kerala, Kolata, Bangkok, Cleveland and Detroit. Then to New York, Kathmandu, Kansas, back to Bangkok, Chicago and DeKalb.  I celebrated 2013 with my sister on a road trip and family at home. With friends I've had for over 10 years and newer friends made in Brasil and India. 

So, with ease of technology and my love of photos, here's my 2013. 

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