Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Growing Clouds

Clouds over St. Theresa Church along with same orange blossoms I had outside my window in Brasilia
Clouds have been growing in the skies over Mumbai. Makes me think the pre-monsoon showers may be on their way.

The monsoon's hit Kerala in the South. It usually arrives there in late May. Not this year.

It usually arrives in Mumbai on the day of the 8th Grade Celebration. Again, not this year.

From reading in the Times of India, the monsoon system stalled while out at sea. And not just for a day, it was stalled for much longer. Weeks.

Today, while I was riding in a taxi, I saw some men helping a rickshaw driver who's rick had stalled.  I'm just ready for somebody to push this system along in the same way they did.

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