Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hammer Time!

For the past 8+ weeks there's been construction in my apartment building. They've completely torn up the apartment on the 7th floor (2 floors above mine).

The construction, really I should say deconstruction, lasts about 8 hours each day. It begins (on the weekends) around 9:30 am and lasts until about noon. Then the work picks up again around 4 and ends at 8 pm.

I'm lucky that I'm not here most days. Just here on the weekends if I just stay in to relax. On those days I've gotten used to it. It hadn't bothered me much lately. Even during my yoga lesson last night I was able to concentrate and not even notice it. Guess my meditation's paying off!

But today the builders raised the ante. When I got home from school around 5 pm, today there was a noise that was just a little bit louder. A jackhammer! Truly. They've been jack-hammering on the 7th floor. The jackhammer stopped just before I started to write this post.

WAIT! Ironically as I write this post, my doorbell just rang. The guard came to my door with a letter's been written by someone in the apartment society complaining. It complained of the noise and especially the recent loud hammering between 2-5 p.m. which must happen during the week while I'm gone. This hammering has disturbed the senior citizens in my building. Finally somebody else noticed! The letter also noted worries about possible leaking during monsoon season. Leaks are a huge problem already in the building. Of course, I signed the complaint.

With all of the construction, there's not just the noise pollution. There's been dust and dirt.  Spit and grime.  Some of that's a product of just work happening. Construction = dust.  But the floors of the building haven't been washed since the construction started. The walls are filthy.
Construction workers usually carry large bags of cement and things up barefoot
Recently I asked school for support in making a complaint to the landlord who's completing the remodel. I wanted help, not about stopping the noise, but about cleaning the dirt and dust that coat our stairs and hallways.  They made the mess, so they should clean it up. School replied and said that unfortunately communication with my building was difficult and suggested I consider moving to one of the available apartments. 

The hammering may continue but the dust and dirt won't bother me any longer after this summer. I decided to take school up on the offer to move. I'll be a block away and down four floors from my current spot.

Here's to hoping the blessing across the hall (and the society letter too) helps to end all of the pollution happening inside my apartment building.
Garland across on the door across the hall


  1. This is just another adventure in Incredible India ... our story was the same only included a flooded apartment! We didn't move but had a beautiful new paint job ruined. Hope the move goes well! xxx

  2. Yours sounds awfully frustrating! Mine's been building for a year. In addition to the noise and dirt, there's bigger issues with the rains coming. Hoping these aren't problems in the new place!