Friday, April 13, 2012

Forget the Porridge, this Goldilocks Found Her Just Right Hair Colorist

This blondie is finally the blondie she wants to be.

This year I've feel like Goldilocks at times, but instead of trying out beds or porridge, my evaluation was hair color.

The first stylist I tried made my hair too white.

The second stylist colored my hair a strawberry blonde which this week turned a brassy orange.

And now, after a busy week at work and less than 3 hours (an overseas record blonde record), it's...


It's the little things when you live overseas that give you that little bit of extra happiness sometimes.


  1. Yay! Who did you go to this time? It is very cute!

  2. Emilie at Biguine. VERY expensive (like more than I pay in the U.S.) but honestly, so worth it here when I wasn't paying much less and unsatisfied. Glad to have a person and a place I like. Finally!