Sunday, February 5, 2012

Warmin' Up

Over the weekend, well, since Friday, Mumbai's warmin' up.  Think that winter may be coming to an end.  

Mumbaiker in a sweater.  Taken while I wasn't sweating in a blouse and jeans.
On Friday, ASB's Elementary School had its Sports Day.  Yes, American readers and I guess Brazilian too, a day which is usually celebrated at the end of the year was honored on February 3rd.  Why?

Ask a  Mumbaiker.  March, April and May are when it really heats up.  In the past, that's when Sports Day was celebrated.  Luckily I work with loads of smart individuals who pushed forward the date so we could take advantage of the cooler temperatures.

Now that I think about it, I haven't seen rickshaw drivers wearing ski hats in the mornings.  And I've had to shed the sweaters and scarves that were comfortable when I first came back during the day.  Over this weekend just waiting in the sun started to make me sweat.

It was nice while it lasted...
 Goodbye winter.  Hello spring which really feels like summer.

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