Friday, August 3, 2012

The Grand Tour of my New Flat

Over the summer I shifted apartments (like the verb choice Goo?). Just one whole block to be exact. The move was pretty painless. With lots of help from school and Espe and a sister who was willing to pitch in during her vacation visit to India, the couple of moving bumps were smoothed over. You should also know the grand tour photos were taken the day I landed. Within 24 hours of moving, my new place looked like I'd lived there last year too.

I moved into a great new place where a former teacher, Tash; who'll we'll miss greatly, lived. One of the main reasons I chose my new apartment was with the good energy you felt when you walked in her door. Yeah, I'm one of those people.

Okay, enough talking, what you really want is the promised grand tour. And because it's so grand, please know the cheese factor is 10 which meets the requirements of my mom.

Love you Mom! And Mom, I know the slideshow moves quickly. You can adjust the length of time for each photo at the bottom and have more time to snoop, check out my new apartment.

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